Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing the Veggie Mobile Sprout!

After months of construction and preparation, the Veggie Mobile team is excited to introduce the newest member of the fleet:  the Veggie Mobile Sprout!

As you might imagine, the demand for affordable, quality fruits and vegetables is always high. People must eat - so we got on the task and built another truck. The Sprout is focusing its stops within Rensselaer County - which means that we get to focus in more on the needs of our immediate community. It's a commercial utility vehicle, so it's smaller than its older cousin, able to get to spots where the Veggie Mobile couldn't quite fit. We've designed and outfitted it to stock a large variety of produce - people are surprised when they see how much we've fit into it!

As always, we try to build for the long term - so we installed a scale, an EBT (food stamp) machine, and interior lighting all powered by solar panel! And of course, the equation wouldn't be complete without the best in good tunes from 19-before-you-were-born and beyond.

Stay tuned for more posts on the Sprout! We'll be taking you on a tour through the building process, our times on the truck, and perhaps a bit of Troy itself. And if you're in Troy or nearby, we'd love to see you on the Sprout!